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‘Soviet Pin up’ by Valery Barykin

'Soviet Pin up' by Valery Barykin

Erarta Galleries London is pleased to present Valery Barykin’s solo exhibition entitled ‘Soviet Pin-Up’. The exhibition will feature a number of specially made, limited edition pieces. Barykin`s eyecatching prints are reminiscent of the celebrated... Read more

The Top 10 Urban Artists of 2015

Top 10 urban artists of 2015 | Art-Pie

Street art has come a long way since it broke onto the scene in the 80s, gradually evolving from being an art form that spread socially provocative messages into a more accessible, mainstream medium that has been widely accepted all around the world.... Read more

5 animated GIFs you cannot miss

Animated GIFs | Art-Pie

Animated GIFs have been around for ages, they really have. Who has not seen those crazy ones of animals or people where a short action is captured and play in loop… forever. This was before. Today there are many artists that are taking animated... Read more

Critical, the new show by Dave White at Loughran Gallery opens

Dave White | Art-Pie

We were lucky enough to attend the opening of “Critical’, the new solo show of Dave White at the Chelsea premises of the Loughran gallery. We met Dave a few months ago at his studio in Dorset when he was in the middle of producing the paintings... Read more

We talked to Dave White, ahead of his new show ‘Critical’

Dave White | Art-Pie

Dave white in his studio in Dorset We at Art-Pie have enjoyed following the work of contemporary British Artist Dave White for many years. We are drawn to the energy of his explosive and dripping paint style, and moved by his primary subject matter of... Read more

4 awesome photo manipulations by Leo Rocha

All you need is Ecuador | Art-Pie

When asking Leo Rocha about making striking images to publicise Ecuador and its tourism, I wonder whether the tourism board of this country knew that they were in for a treat! I do not know for you but we think here at Art-Pie that these are pretty awesome... Read more

Artful at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea London

ARTFUL | Art-Pie

The Affordable Art Fair (AAF), taking place this week end in Battersea, is one of our favourite art fairs in London. We enjoy it for many reasons but above all because of the quality and diversity of the exhibitors such as Artful. 110 galleries with 1,100... Read more

Wire sculptures by David Oliveira

David Oliveira | Art-Pie

Is “wire sculpture” becoming a thing? Well we met Robin Wight and his beautiful Fairies Wire Sculptures and we were astonished by the outcome. Meet David Oliveira and his animal wire sculptures. His manipulation of wire to create a zoo... Read more

Awesome glass silhouettes Reveal 3D human forms

I think we mentioned before that sculpture is a form of art, here at Art-Pie, which we enjoy more and more as we stumble upon yet another great artist like Jed Malitz We appreciate when artists think twice about what they want to produce or achieve and... Read more

Visual Impact – Creative Dissent in the 21th Century

Blek Le rat | Art-Pie

Liz McQuiston‘s new book ‘Visual Impact – Creative Dissent in the 21th Century’, is out now.   It is a richly illustrated exploration on art and design driving major social and political change in the 21st century. Loads... Read more