Masterpieces revisited by FatCat

Fat Cat | Art-Pie

Revisited famous paintings by Fat Cat who thinks that these iconic paintings would be better off with the appearance of a big ginger cat. Well some are defo better. See by yourself. Venus by Velazquez Great Wave of Kanagawa by Hosukai Musical Angel... Read more

Tom French at Lawrence Alkin gallery

Tom French at Lawrence Alkin | Art-Pie

Tom French is one of these artists who conveys a very particular style and when you see a “Tom French” you know right away that it is a “Tom French”. With this idea occupying my mind, I was looking forward to see the artist’s... Read more

Terrestrial Series by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada

Jorge Rodríguez Gerada | Art-Pie

Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada is a Cuban American contemporary artist. He as bee around since the late 90´s he has been replacing the faces of cultural icons chosen by advertisers with the faces of anonymous people to question the controls imposed on public... Read more

Jason deCaires submerged sculptures


Art can do good, Art does good. We all know that. How about underwater sculptures that provide places for marine species to live and thrive? This is what Jason deCaires Taylor‘s sculpture work is all about. One will call the artist “eco-sculptor”. Round... Read more

Architecture by Filip Dujardin

Filip Dujardin | Art-Pie

Architecture is often looked over isn’t it? But when you come across architects such as the belgian artist and architectural photographer Filip Dujardin, you have to share a bit of love and make you aware of his works. He just had a show at Highlight... Read more

Johnson Tsang’s ceramics are flying

Johnson Tang | Art-Pie

If I tell you “ceramics”, you’d probably look at me, nod politely and forget immediately that I mentioned that word but if I told you “Johnson Tsang’s ceramics”, I’d strongly advise you to listen and more importantly... Read more

5 industrial GIFs you have not seen

Industrial GIFs | Art-Pie

GIFs are everywhere these days and we are not sure why they have suddenly become so trendy but we seem to have stepped on the wave and are giving you 5 mesmerizing industrial GIFs  Read More

Olga Ziemska’s art

Olga Ziemska | Art-Pie

We always look with interest artists that use mediums one might not even think it can be used in any art process. This is exactly what Olga Ziemska is. Sculptor and public artist who lives & works in Cleveland, Ohio, she would use willow branches,... Read more

Sculptures from the London Art fair

Sculptures - London Art Fair | Art-Pie

Following our first trip to the London Art fair, where we noticed and appreciated very much the abstract works on display, we thought we would be sharing some of the sculpture works we came across. Artist: Alexandre Durand Title: Ex Calce Liberatus Medium:... Read more

Gimme gimme abstract art at the London Art Fair

On our way to the Business Centre, where the London Art fair takes place, we could not help but speculating about what we would see and remembered all the wonders we saw in the past years. A quick ushering through by the fair staff and we were in. Thursday... Read more