Black Duke Art

A LATVIAN artist, who’s work can be found in a number of European locations, has been revealed as the person responsible for the two giant pirate murals that have recently appeared on an iconic landmark, on the North Wales Coastline.

The two pirate-like characters seemed to appear overnight, earlier this month, on the side of The Fun Ship, formally The Duke Of Lancaster, which has become a well-known landmark in Llanerch-y-Mor, near Mostyn. It has now been confirmed that they are the work of KIWIE, a street artist from Latvia.

The artwork appears to be orchestrated by a group calling themselves Dudug, who have set up a website reporting on the works. Shortly after the murals appeared on the 17th August, a You Tube video was posted on their site.

The video depicts the work being done illegally at night; however a new video has since been added to the website, revealing the original version to be a spoof. The intricate artworks did in fact take a number of days to complete, and was done under the watchful supervision of site security, which remains 24 x 7 at The Duke.

The painted characters, also known by the term KIWIES, are each 9 metres in height making them the biggest works ever created by the artist. They also include some key details about the Duke’s history in their design – with the year the ship was built (1956) on the blue pirate’s ear, and the year the ship was docked in Llanerch-y-Mor (10th Aug 1979) on its stomach.

Members of the Duke of Lancaster Appreciation Society (DOLAS) have been so far unable to shed any light on the appearance of the artwork but it appears none of them had any idea the cruise liner was going to be targeted by the street artist. It can also be confirmed that DOLAS and DUDUG operate completely separate from one another.

BLACK DUKE from KIWIE on Vimeo.

ABSOLUT Limited Edition London Bottle by Jamie Hewlett

Absolut bottle Jamie HewlettYou may have heard that Absolut has launched a limited-edition of city series which Gorillaz’ Jamie Hewlett has produced an amazing design for. It celebrates the vibrant cultural city, capturing London’s creativity and rich style heritage in a unique bottle design which goes on sale in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols on 1st March 2012.

Set against a London backdrop, the bottle introduces key characters from the past who have influenced and shaped London’s present fashion scene. The seven characters encapsulate the city’s diverse heritage, spanning the ages from Dickensian and 18th Century Dandy, through to Pinstripe gent, 60’s chick, SKA, Punk and 80’s Casual.

To celebrate the launch, ABSOLUT will be offering consumers the chance to win one of 50 bottles via Instagram from the 9th of Feb. There will also be the chance to buy one of only 50 unique ABSOLUT London collectors gift packs, which go on sale on 22nd March. More information can be found on Facebook –

Absolut bottle Jamie Hewlett

Warhol icons at Halcyon gallery

Halcyon Gallery presents its very first exhibition devoted entirely to the works of Andy Warhol. With over one hundred pieces on display, including graphics, portfolios and original works on paper and canvas, WARHOL ICONS is an exploration of the legendary Pop Art icon’s artistic ingenuity and importance.

Warhol Icons at Halcyon gallery | Art-Pie
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Most Warhol iconic works are in the show

The exhibition spans Warhol’s iconic career from his early illustrative works of the 1950s, through Pop Art’s 1960s heyday, until his untimely death in 1987 – addressing the artist’s exploration of every facet of modern life, from consumerism and commissions to Communist politics.

"Self Portrait in Fright Wig" - click to enlarge
“Self Portrait in Fright Wig” – click to enlarge

Amongst portraits of iconic figures and celebrity friends such as screen siren Ingrid Bergmanand champion heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali, WARHOL ICONS includes an original self-portrait – Self Portrait in Fright Wig, a striking collage work on paper which celebrates the artist’s enduring legacy and mastery of his brand.

Displayed according to Warhol’s original 1962 brief as to simulate cans stacked along supermarket shelves, the instantly-recognisable packaging present in the Campbell’s Soup I portfolio exemplifies Warhol’s fascination with commercial culture, the mainstream and mass production. In the same room, an original Campbell’s Soup Box: Chicken Soup is an interesting development – commissioned following the success of the former portfolio, the soup boxes further demonstrate a revolutionary period in art and culture where the status of everyday consumer items was elevated.

"Campbell's soup" - click to enlarge
“Campbell’s soup” – click to enlarge

Along with Campbell’s Soup I, the exhibition features five of Warhol’s most celebrated portfolios of 10, including Cowboys and Indians and Endangered Species – the former deriving from the treasure trove of archival photographs, postcards and images of Native American artefacts that the artist collected throughout his life whilst the latter is a nod to Warhol’s ongoing interest in conservation and the environment.

Rarely seen works

WARHOL ICONS also features the rarely-seen Anatom (Rado Watches) – produced just a few months before his death and one of his last works ever created. The work is one of only three canvases created by Warhol depicting the iconic Rado DiaStar ‘Anatom’ watch. Rado Switzerland – a watch brand renowned for its sleek, luxury timepieces – commissioned the artist to produce the series of paintings in conjunction with their seventieth anniversary in 1987.

"Anatom" - click to enlarge
“Anatom” – click to enlarge

WARHOL ICONS offers an engaging insight into the life and works of a cultural icon. Through Warhol’s discerning eye, the exhibition reveals a layered social and cultural commentary underpinned by the visual art movement, Pop Art.

System Collapse by Zosen at Stolen Space

Barcelona based street artist Zosen brings his premier UK solo show to StolenSpace.Featuring a collection of new paintings on canvas and the release of a limited edition screen print.

Born in Buenos Aires, Zosen developed his art practice on the streets since he was 11 and in 2001 became a long time member of Barcelona’s infamous ONG crew. Zosen continues to expand his creative practice with performance, illustration, video and collaborations with artists across the globe and he is co-founder of the street wear label, “Animal Bandido” with designer Clàudia Font.

Here is the latest video of Zosen and his crew

System Collapse is a colourful vision of the world around us and an incisive commentary on the current state of the world’s economy. The distinctive lettering styles, loosely influenced by the artwork of the punk and the ‘do-it-yourself’ movements of the 70’s-80’s, the illusory characters and bright, pure colours reflect a hopeful optimism while the meanings of the words, real and conceived, provide a complex context for a creative discharge of

The simplicity of the imagery in psychedelic colours references a plethora of social and political issues, juxtaposing the heavily distorted photo imagery of today’s consumer society with naive, two dimensional characters and imaginary of primitive African art and Latin-American Folklore. In System Collapse, symbols saturated in colour represent the inequalities and injustices that separate the First and Third Worlds.

Zosen’s street art and ubiquitous interventions are essential to his practice, informing his gallery works and providing the impetus for his irrepressible creativity. His multidisciplinary work has been exhibited internationally between the street and the gallery.

The strong appeal of Zosen’s work lies in it’s child-like charm and it’s distinctly political edge. Building on the popular anarchy and contemporary art movements associated with his adopted home town and internationally recognised amongst the underground and mainstream arts and graffiti movements, Zosen’s unique style remains synonymous with Barcelona.

The show runs from 13th August till 29th August 2010.

NB: Words taken from the Stolen Space website.


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5 animated GIFs you cannot miss

Animated GIFs have been around for ages, they really have. Who has not seen those crazy ones of animals or people where a short action is captured and play in loop… forever. This was before.

Today there are many artists that are taking animated GIFs to the next level. There are even contests and awards for it. One of those is the 2014 Saatchi Art’s Motion Photography Prize.

We included below those who caught our attention.


Gerardo Juarez
Animated GIFs | Art-Pie Animated GIFs | Art-Pie

Jon Jacobsen
Animated GIFs | Art-Pie

Marius Krivicius
Animated GIFs | Art-Pie

Nikola Silic
Animated GIFs | Art-Pie

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