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Momentary, the new solo show by Carne Griffiths

We have been following the rise of Carne Griffiths, an artist painting with unusual mediums such as tea, who has become an established and respected figure in the art world.

‘Momentary’, his biggest solo show to date, he told us, is opening today to the grand public so we met the artist and asked a few questions –

Art-Pie – 1. Can you tell your readers about yourself in a few words?

Carne Griffiths – I’m a painter with a passion for drawing and nature, my background is as an embroidery designer, and I have a fascination with outsider art and with the unconscious process of Automatic Drawing.

Carne Griffiths | Art-Pie
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A-P – 2. Can you tell us about your creative process and where does your inspiration come from?

C G – My creative process is fuelled by energy – I like the spontaneity of painting also, watching what the materials do themselves on the page, how inks mix when left undisturbed… then from this chaos I like to manipulate the image – normally using fountain pens and calligraphy ink, I add fine detail, cross hatching and flowing lines to balance the composition. I like the combination of control and freedom, and the way the two elements combine in a drawing.

A-P – You are using interesting and unusual material, such as tea, to paint. What else do you use and how did you come about including these in your creative process?

C G – I generally use materials that give an unexpected or unknown effect – painting is intuitive, the tiny movements made when creating a piece of work are often impulsive for me rather than calculated – and this for me is the magic within the work.

Carne Griffiths | Art-Pie

A-P – “Momentary” at Lilford gallery is your next upcoming solo show. Without giving too much away, what can we expect from you in this show?

C G – Yes the momentary exhibition opens tomorrow – It is the largest collection of works to date, Lilford is a large gallery and I wanted to do justice to the space, the show is a response to the speed we are living our lives, the concept behind it being simply slowing down and taking time to look.. I have introduced new aspects to the work to reinforce this concept, a virtual reality drawing that you can walk through, and a mix in collaboration with Fluidnation’s Ben Mynott whose music influenced the work created and who in turn created a 3 hour mix as a backdrop to the exhibition.

A-P – 5. Any other business you want to tell us about?

C G – I will be about during the exhibition adding to the Virtual Reality drawing and also creating work on the black wall that has been prepared for the installation, the show runs until the 21st of August and being the first solo collection of work for 2 years I’m a little apprehensive and excited to show it.

His biggest show to date

Inspired by nature’s expansive colour palette these new works present a vivid alternate reality.

We only included a picture of one of his numerous and fantastic new pieces (see above) and we encourage you to get yourself down to the gallery, you will not get disappointed.

Although we did not include pictures for other works, Carne tells about below and we believe that after reading about it, you will feel the urge to go and check out the show – we certainly are…

Let’s stop time

invites the viewer to slow down and take time to reflect on the beauty within their surroundings, a chaotic solitary moment becomes a place for meditation.


captures the beauty and chaos of a single brush stroke within which an alternate reality is revealed like a dream or a momentary glimpse into the life of a stranger all in a single moment.

In’Perfectly Still‘, the ‘Hourglass‘ and ‘Elevation

time is brought to a standstill and the beauty of nature among chaos is evident, all three works begin as an abstract composition, embracing chaos and the freedom of single strokes of paint, accidents and chaos in which we seek to find order. Rising from this chaos we find beautiful accidents of nature or creation depending on our beliefs and ideologies, it seems almost irrelevant how they occur.. what is common is the beauty in infinite detail.

The show opens today to the public. The gallery is open 7 days a week so you can pop in and see the works whenever is convenient for you!

Lilford gallery, 8 The Old High Street, Folkestone, Kent CT201RL

The Art Conference at Ugly Duck, Bermondsey, London


The Art Conference (TAC) | Art-PieThe Art Conference (TAC) is a two-day arts festival exploring the intersection and evolution of technology, art and culture, bringing together global visionaries and creating a platform to discuss, connect and engage with contemporary art from a fresh perspective. TAC is bringing together a programme of international keynote speakers from the worlds of technology, art and culture.

TAC is founded by contemporary art curator Tina Ziegler in partnership with The IWSC Group. Bermondsey’s The Ugly Duck, a three – storey 19th century warehouse, will be filled with film screenings, panel discussions, exhibitions and digital art installations.

What to expect at TAC

TAC #01 will debate and deconstruct change on the subjects of social engagement through street art and how technology can enrich our experience with art and culture. Our inaugural conference explores the evolution of street art with a curated weekend of keynote presentations, panel discussions and networking opportunities for those with an interest in the future of this global movement.

The Art Conference, TAC, Art by MASER | Art-Pie
Art by MASER (click to enlarge)

• Explore the evolution of Street Art, via a program of keynote presentations debating the social, political and environmental change that the medium is creating in ever-more powerful ways.
• Learn about technology’s influence on Street Art in the creation of rapidly-expanding global communities and the emotional energy covering urban landscapes worldwide.
• Meet representatives from across the art world during regular breaks, while enjoying international cuisine and a drink at the bar.
• Have an early chance to invest in astonishing new art initiatives and artworks on exhibition during the event.

The settings

TAC #01 spans all three floors of Ugly Duck, a contrarily stunning 19th century warehouse located on Bermondsey’s Tanner Street. 

The exhibition hall will be transformed into a maze of mini – solo exhibitions, virtual reality experiences and digital art installations from both local and international artists.

Ugly Duck, Bermondsey, London | Art-Pie
Ugly Duck, Bermondsey, London

Visitors will also be treated to food and drink from local chefs in the outdoor food court, while networking breakfasts and afternoon teas will be provided by Unity Kitc hen, a social enterprise that helps to create jobs and apprenticeships for people with disabilities.

Installations, illustrated, digital art and more

World renowned light artist and poet Robert Montgomery displays his much – loved light installations.

Colin McMaster shows a collection of original acrylic and hand – cut wood paintings while artist Jordan Seiler exhibits his Public Ad Campaign work where visitors can test how the artworks transform when viewed through an iPhone.

The Art Conference, TAC, Art by Jordan Seiler | Art-Pie
Art by Jordan Seiler

Jose Monte mayor presents Virtual Awakening, an immersive, life – after – death virtual reality experience.

Ziegler hopes that pairing the works of local creators along side internationally – acclaimed visionaries will allow the conference to evoke achievable aspiration in attendees. She comments

I have always wanted to encourage dialogue, critical reflection and interaction with arts and technology, striving to bring people together to connect with the arts and help break down the boundaries people often find when engaging with art.

15 international speakers

TAC will offer a series of curated, thoughtful and interconnecting presentations by representatives from the wider art world – curators, artis ts, collectors and art administrators. My aim is that TAC will allow the worlds of art and technology to meet and inspire each other.

The conference will present a curated selection of more than 15 international keynote speakers – see the TAC website for further details. Each of the speakers share their unique stories and experiences and offer practical insights in to the art and creative industries.



Brett Amory at Lazarides Rathbone London

Lazarides is pleased to present Internal Dialogue, a new series of works by American contemporary artist and BP Portrait Award 2016 exhibiting artist Brett Amory.

Corresponding with his critically acclaimed ‘Waiting’ series, the works in Internal Dialogue are concerned with everyday life, places, and people, yet this new body of work explores the time in which we live and how we make sense of the information that surrounds us.

Internal Dialogue explores the disjointed snapshots that make up our everyday life, and how our unconscious mind assembles these abstract, nonlinear events to attempt to fuse together a logical, linear explanation of our surroundings.

Brett Amory Internal Dialogue Lazarides Rathbone | Art-Pie
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This new series of works is also concerned with the human habit of viewing the world through screens. People in today’s society are attached to their devices; we view the world through our phones, our TVs, our computers, and complete the gaps of the surrounding world through our unconscious mind, as if what we see now is framed by what the world looks like on screen.

With each painting in Internal Dialogue, Amory allows the viewer to tap his or her unconscious mind to create their own meaning of what they are viewing. The viewer will be able to rely on their own memories, dreams, thoughts and universal archetypal symbols to create their own interpretation of the painting.

In the same week as his exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone, Brett Amory’s work for the prestigious BP Portrait Award will be unveiled at The National Portrait Gallery. His entry, selected out of 2,557 competing artists, will be one of 53 works shown at the iconic art institution from 23 June – 4 September 2016. Amory has also been shortlisted for the BP Travel Grant.

A Beautiful Disorder – sculptures from Chinese artists

A major exhibition of new outdoor sculptures created by 18 contemporary Greater Chinese artists is about to open at Cass Sculpture Foundation.

A leading sculpture foundation in England will display the first major exhibition of outdoor sculpture by contemporary Greater Chinese artists to be shown in the UK.

The exhibition invites the viewer to reflect on China’s past, present and future relationship with the world at large, and provides valuable insight into the state of Chinese culture, politics and society today from the perspective of some of its most dynamic and engaging artists.

C 2016 Cass Sculpture Foundation, Wang Yuyang, Rendering of Identity, 2015 | Art-Pie
C 2016 Cass Sculpture Foundation, Wang Yuyang, Rendering of Identity, 2015


From July 2016, eighteen monumental outdoor sculptures will be on display throughout the grounds of CASS. These artists employ a variety of ambitious sculptural techniques across a range of materials including bronze, stone, steel and wood. The historical relationship between English and Chinese landscape aesthetics is the starting point and inspiration for these contemporary artists. The title of the exhibition, A Beautiful Disorder , is a quote from an influential letter written by the Jesuit missionary and artist Jean Denis Attiret in 1743 that had a tremendous effect on English garden culture.

Attiret used the term to describe the ability of the Chinese garden to provoke violent and often opposing sensations in the viewer through a series of theatrical framing devices. Cass Sculpture Foundation’s Executive Director, Clare Hindle, says: “To date, Cass Sculpture Foundation has commissioned over 400 works – A Beautiful Disorder is a landmark moment for the Foundation as it is the first time we are commissioning works for a major exhibition by international artists. The exhibition will showcasecontemporary sculpture by some of the leading Greater Chinese artists.”

C 2016 Cass Sculpture Foundation, Zhao Yao, Rendering of A Sculpture of Thought I-192 , 2015 | Art-Pie
C 2016 Cass Sculpture Foundation, Zhao Yao, Rendering of A Sculpture of Thought I-192 , 2015


Participating artists for A Beautiful Disorder include: Bi Rongrong, Cao Dan, Cao Fei, Cheng Ran, Cui Jie, Jennifer Ma Wen, Li Jinghu, Lu Pingyuan, Xu Zhen (Produced by MadeIn Company), Rania Ho, Song Ta, Tu Wei-Cheng, Wang Sishun, Wang Wei, Wang Yuyang, Zhang Ruyi, Zheng Bo and Zhao Yao.

More details:

“Fallout”, a show by Phil Ashcroft at Canal

"Fall out" by Phil Ashcroft at Canal | Art-Pie
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CANAL is pleased to present its show for the summer, an exhibition by Phil Ashcroft, mixing live painting, large scale canvases and screenprints.

Ashcroft will create a new large format painting in the gallery over the course of the exhibition, bringing his studio process directly into CANAL, as well as presenting a new lightbox work inspired by the gallery’s location on the Regent’s Canal at Haggerston, east London.

Ashcroft’s works are influenced by 1980s graffiti, comics, street art and graphics. His paintings are rendered in a bold, graphic style, combining loose, gradient brushwork utilising a limited palette.

Post-apocalyptic, overtly heroic landscapes reference sources as diverse as Japanese Ukiyo-e art, American pop art, Abstract Expressionism, graffiti and Marvel comics. The works draw on the myths of failed civilizations.

Ashcroft also collaborates on live-painting projects in galleries and alternative spaces from street locations to shops. These have included No Soul for Sale , Tate Modern, London (2010); Cans 2 Festival , London (2008); Special Relationship , Scion Space, Los Angeles (2008), Elephant Technique , Village Underground (2006), All The People We Like Are Dead , London (2004), and Graffiti Meets Windows 1 , Hank-Yu Department Store, Osaka (2002).

Phil Ashcroft at Canal - Fallout | Art-Pie
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His first monograph, Solar System Parameters , with forward by Paul Hobson, was published by Gamma Proforma in 2013.

Works are held in public and private collections worldwide. Commissions include projects for Aedas Architects, Amnesty International (UK), British Film Institute (Godzilla film poster/dvd cover), Levis, muf architecture, Nike Town, Royal Mail, Sony PSP and Yahoo (UK).

Live painting every Thursday in June 11am-4pm