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#CODEFC new show and his book launch

CODEFC book launch | Art-Pie

After the Olympic project and solo show 20:12 two years ago, #CODEFC returns with another solo show and book launch celebrating his 25th anniversary in the graffiti/ street art world. The book is a collection of photos from as early as 1990 including lettering, free hand painting, sketches, stencils and stickers. We are giving two readers the chance to win a copy of #CODEFC book. What you need to do is either subscribe to the Art-Pie newsletter, share this article on Twitter... Read More

The Meeting place by Paul Day

The Meeting Place by Paul Day | Art-Pie

Of all the public art on display at the St Pancras station in London (UK), one piece stands out. I am talking about the bronze statue called The Meeting Place that proudly stands at the south end of the upper-level beneath the station clock. The numbers: 9-metre (29.5 ft) high, 20-tonne (19.7-long-ton; 22.0-short-ton), impressive isn’t it? But have you been near it and noticed the frieze, a myriad of smaller sculpture works all around the plinth? No? I did and was genuinely... Read More

Otto Schade latests

Otto Schade | Art-Pie

Otto Schade has been busy lately. We have included photos of all the stuff we mentioned above. [] Collaboration with Bustart on Love Drops and with Bustart & Zaira on Hurry Up Mother Fucker (HUMF) and Night Life in Amsterdam LOVE DROPS Hurry Up Mother Fucker [] He painted ‘The Confused One’ at Whitecross Street Party THE CONFUSED ONE [] Donated David v Goliath on canvas to the Gaza Toy Event at Truman Brewery to help raise funds. (photos credits to Maya Schenk).... Read More

Remed and Okuda at Southbank London

Artists REMED and OKUDA have flooded the streets of Southbank in London with colours and passion for the second consecutive year. After the success of the previous editions of Streets of Colour, this creative union between the two artists and Campo Viejo continues bearing fruits and they have surprised us again with an unusual art action: this time Remed and Okuda have worked inside of a cube of methacrylate of 40 cubic metres (2.4409e+6in³) next to the Thames river in Southbank,... Read More

The creative bubble at Roxy

Creative Bubble | Art-Pie

There you have it – the first edition of The Creative Bubble, a new monthly event down in South London just a stone throw away from the Thames.What are we looking at here? Three nights, once a month, The Creative Bubble will try to painti a new picture of contemporary art via a host of different mediums. And more importsntly, there will be a 30 day rolling gallery with original art and limited edition prints, curated by Incandescent Artists, is a showcase of a who’s... Read More