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Dale Grimshaw at WellHung gallery – win a signed poster

Dale Grimshaw's Pride & Prejudice at WellHung gallery | Art-Pie
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We are looking forward to Pride & Prejudice, the new show from Dale Grimshaw at WellHung gallery and guess what? We have two signed posters of the flyer show (see left) to give away to two of our readers so get involved and refer to panel on the right.


Private View: Thursday 23 MARCH 6-9pm

Well Hung are delighted to announce Dale Grimshaw’s first solo show at Well Hung Gallery. Pride and Prejudice brings together a body of work based on a ‘two worlds’ theme that Dale has been developing over the last few years. The work contains a strong political message, depicting portraits of threatened indigenous people, mostly from Papua New Guinea, which collide with familiar symbols of the privileged western world, producing a jarring effect that emphasises their powerlessness.

More recently, Dale has become involved with the political struggle to free West Papua from Indonesian occupation. This bitter and hard fought struggle is rarely reported in the West and through his work, Dale has been supporting Benny Wenda, the campaigns leader and long term champion Peter Tatchell, in raising awareness in the UK.

Due to Dale’s involvement with this Campaign his latest work is moving towards a subtler and more emotively lead approach to painting. Contrasting with the earlier, more graphic representations of Western culture, Dale has begun to incorporate softer references to his cultural identity, for example graffiti interspersed with decorative wallpaper motifs. This makes the figures themselves more personal and touching, reflecting his increased interest in the plight of individuals and the intensity of their cultural identity, which is so at risk.     

Dale’s work has always been boldly figurative and has been inspired by his strongly held humanitarian beliefs. However, this political message is always achieved by an emphasis on powerful direct emotions and a deep empathy for his subjects. 

Dale Grimshaw street art | Art-Pie
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Dale Grimshaw was born in Lancashire, in the North of England. During a difficult childhood, his drawing and painting became extremely important to him. He developed his skills at college, firstly with an Art Foundation course at Blackburn College and later to Degree Level, studying Fine Art at Middlesex University.

Dale Grimshaw has a successful gallery career, having exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, including five solo exhibitions with Signal Gallery, London. His exhibitions have been widely recognised in the press and online, articles have been published in The Independent, Juztapoz, Art of England Magazine and Widewalls. His works are collected internationally, alongside celebrities including Adam Ant and The Prodigy. 

Dale Grimshaw street art on Chalk Farm London | Art-Pie
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More recently Dale has been invited to festivals nationally and internationally as well as painting many iconic walls across London, where he lives.

Private view from 6pm until 9.30pm is on Thursday 23rd March. Music and refreshments will be provided, the event is open to all but please do email to confirm attendance.  Admission is, as always, free.

The very evocative Victor Lundy’s sketchbook

Victor Lundy | Art-Pie
(Victor Lundy)

We were instantly moved when we looked at Victor Lundy’s sketchbook.

The quality of the drawings is impressive and the story behind them heart breaking : Victor Lundy’s documented his time in the army and fighting in the second world war.

We appreciate the soft yet very efficient touch in Lundy’s drawings. We feel that his drawings were done in one sitting, no erasing but a driving hand screen printing, if you like, what his eyes recorded.


A ‘natural-born’ skilled individual

We learned that Victor Lundy was born in New York City in 1923 and very young, he showed some artistic skills which will lead him to attend New York University to study architecture, specialising in the Beaux Arts style.

Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-Pie

A will to help post-war

Lundy did not have to be involved with war but the thought of  doing his bit in rebuilding Europe once World War II was over was very strong, so much so that he voluntarily joined the Army and very quickly ended up at the very forefront of the action.

This is at that time where he would capture any faces, scenes or moments in his sketchbook.

We included a few drawings of the very evocative Victor Lundy’s sketchbook (all images below are courtesy of LIBRARY OF CONGRESS)

Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-Pie Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-Pie Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-Pie Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-Pie Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-Pie Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-Pie Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-Pie

Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-Pie

Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-Pie

Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-Pie

Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-Pie

This is how elephants are treated in Mathura during winter

Elephants in Mathura gets wrapped up in jumpers | Art-PieWe all know that Winter can be a cold one.

Some of you may also know that there are nice people out there, so nice that after having been notified about a possible freeze overnight, a few good people in Mathura (India) made jumbo jackets and woollen jumpers for elephants in the region.

This is how elephants are treated in Mathura during winter.

The Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center helps

The Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center is actually supporting this and has committed itself to help the women in surrounding villages make these jackets and jumpers to counter attack the freezing winter and its possible damages to the elephants.

Elephants in Mathura gets wrapped up in jumpers | Art-Pie

Here is what Kartick Satyanarayan, CEO of theThe Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center says about the project –

It is important to keep our elephants protected from the bitter cold during this extreme winter, as they are weak and vulnerable having suffered so much abuse, making them susceptible to ailments such as pneumonia. The cold also aggravates their arthritis which is a common issue that our rescued elephants have to deal with.

We included below some of the colourful garments. We think they are awesome!

Elephants in Mathura gets wrapped up in jumpers | Art-Pie Elephants in Mathura gets wrapped up in jumpers | Art-Pie Elephants in Mathura gets wrapped up in jumpers | Art-Pie

First seen on The Independent

So what’s next for the Fourth Plinth?

Thumbs Up by David Shrigley | Art-Pie
Thumbs Up by David Shrigley

If you have been near Trafalgar Square in London, you must have noticed a 7m high sculpture looking like a thumbs up.

This particular pedestal on the square is called the Fourth Plinth and the current artist showing their works is David Shrigley.

So what’s next for the Fourth Plinth?

2018 & 20 shortlists announced

London’s National Gallery has revealed the five shortlisted proposals for the 2018 and 2020 Fourth Plinth commissions by artists Huma Bhabha, Damián Ortega, Heather Phillipson, Michael Rakowitz, and Raqs Media Collective.

The shortlisted proposals, which are currently on show in the National Gallery’s Annenberg Court until 26 March 2017, include an empty white robe, a recreation of a sculpture destroyed by ISIS, and a scoop of parasite-covered ice cream.

Not long now to find out which two works will be selected to finally stand on the plinth in 2018 and 2020.

Shortlisted sculptures in images

“Untitled” by Huma Bhabha
– an imposing figure, the scale reflecting a modern comic sci-fi movie.

Untitled, by Huma Bhabha | Art-Pie
Untitled, by Huma Bhabha

“High Way” by Damián Ortega
– a playful and precarious construction of a truck, oil cans, scaffold and a ladder.

High Way, by Damian Ortega | Art-Pie

“THE END” by Heather Phillipson
– explores the extremes of shared experience, from commemorations and celebrations to mass protests, all while being observed by a drone’s camera.

'THE END' by Heather Phillipson | Art-Pie

“The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist” by Michael Rakowitz
– a recreation of the Lamassu, a winged bull and protective deity, which was destroyed by ISIS in 2015.

The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist, by Michael Rakowitz | Art-Pie

“The Emperor’s Old Clothes” by Raqs Media Collective
– explores how power can be both present and absent in sculpture.

The Emperor's Old Clothes, by the Raqs Media Collective | Art-Pie

About the Fourth Plinth

Taschen book sample sale in Sloane Square

Taschen | Art-PieTaschen book sample sale in Sloane Square will be taking place at their store at 12 Duke of York Square, Chelsea, London SW3 4LY from 26-29th January.

Expect to find unique books and enjoy strolling through Taschen store in South West London. We included below a selection of some of the items you will be able to buy.

Gisele by Taschen
> Born in the Brazilian countryside, and nearly six feet tall by the age of 14, Gisele Bündchen grew from humble roots into the most successful supermodel in the world. This book celebrates her 20-year milestone in the industry with a unique and spectacular collection of jaw-dropping glamour and intimate, personal insights.

Mario Testino – in your face by Taschen
> Mario Testino’s boundless talent with a camera must be maddening for other photographers working in a highly competitive field, but he remains one of the most revered stars in his profession. Often imitated and never equaled, Testino is graced with a natural ability to float effortlessly from studio to backstage to after-party, producing stunning shots in any kind of situation.

About Taschen

TASCHEN, founded as a small comic shop in Cologne, Germany in 1980, is today renowned as the world’s leading publisher of illustrated books. Our twice yearly warehouse sale offers open copies from our full program of fashion, design, photography, travel, lifestyle, art, pop culture, and sexy books for 50-75% off their list price.

This year our sale is from 26-29th January and the store at 12 Duke of York Square, Chelsea, London SW3 4LY is open 10am-7pm.

Taschen shop in Sloane Square | Art-Pie
The Taschen shop in Sloane Square