More street art

DEIH and his Insider Series

We talked to the Spanish born graffiti/street art artist DEIH who is part of the XLF CREW. We asked to tell us about him – “I’m painting graffiti since 1993, and I still love it. I draw, I breath. I am developing a project called “The... Read more

Pixel pancho – robotic streetart

Pixel Pancho | Art-Pie

We will today look at Italian native Pixel Pancho street art who is currently in Poland to take part in the street art Doping festival held in Warsaw. Pixel Pancho street art style stands out of the crowd and often includes robotic like characters. It... Read more

Escif, Deih, Hyuro09 and more in Valencia

DEIH | Photo by Miss Kaliansky

Another craking set of street art shot by Miss Kaliansky. Features artists : ESCIF | DEIH | HYURO09 & JULIETA DEIH DEIH (left) | JULIETA (right) HYURO09 ESCIF ESCIF & JULIETA  Read More

The Welling Court Mural project

Welling court mural project - Art-Pie

Now its in third edition, a bunch of international artists took on a few block in Astoria, Queens, New-York for Ad Hoc Art’s Welling Court Mural Project and have produced a series of varied and eye-catching graffiti/pieces of street art. The project... Read more

Liu bolin, the invisible man

Liu Bolin, the invisible man - Art-Pie

Liu Bolin is a Chinese artist who studied art (Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1995 and Master of Fine Arts in 2001). He exhibited on a few museums and galleries around the world but what caught my attention are his “Hiding in the City” series; photographic... Read more

The All City Canvas project in Mexico

All City Canvas - Roa

Take nine artists, from around the world as well as locals and release them in the Distrito Federal’s prime real estate which becomes their canvas – that is the “All City Canvas” project. The artists, Interesni Kazki (Ukraine), El... Read more

Insane Sainer mural in Poland

Sainer and Etam crew mural in Poland

This latest work from Sainer and the Etam crew has been going around lately on the web and rightly so. This is a huge mural that Sainer put together and the quality of the drawing is remarkable. What do you think? Picture from urbanforms  Read More

Color Jam

ART-PIE - Color Jam by Jessica Stockholder

At last there is something for the “looking down while walking” individuals. There is a good reason to ignore your siblings, there is the new work from Jessica Stockholder to look at. “Color Jam” is the name of the installation... Read more

Valencia, full of police, full of beautiful walls


Miss Kaliansky, a keen street art shooter, has been around the spanish city of Valencia and has sent us back this mighty set of street art Featured artists: Blu | Cere | Deih | Dong | Eric il Cane | Escif | Hyuro Only Ateme | Ro | Pez | Radghe | Sam3... Read more

Still on Brick Lane, enjoying its creativity

Brick lane street art

Here is part II of my afternoon spent on Brick Lane spotting the creativity that transpires off its wall. If you missed the beginning, here is part I. PEZ C215 ROA   Sweet Toof ROA  Read More