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Street art, graffiti and big big smackers

Mr Brainwash | Art-Pie

Let’s face it, 10 years ago that post would have not existed because ten years ago, street art, graffiti or urban art, let’s call it that, wasn’t around. I actually need to point out that it was around but not as popular as it is now. Now popular often leads to some sort of fame and wait fort it… money revenue, bucks, big bucks.

I must admit, I wad gobbed smacked when I learnt how much some street artists are actually worth. Kids, I am about to give a very good and valid argument to go up to your parents and defend your case about becoming a vandal or should we call it an ‘urban creative mind’

Here are the 5 money hoovers in the street artosphere…

5. Retna: $5 million +

Real name: Marquis Lewis –aka Retna
Age and residence: 33 year old, L.A (USA)
First show: 2010 that coincided with the New York Fashion week
Last auction fetch: ‘Young Blood’ for USD7500 (Source : http://www.findartinfo.com)
Latest gold mine collaboration: Louis Vuitton scarves series + mural creation on the storefront of the designer’s new location in the Design District of Miami.

Retna | Art-Pie

4. Mr. Brainwash (or MBA): $10 million

Real name: Thierry Guetta –aka Mr Brainwash
Age and residence: 47 year old, L.A (USA)
First show: 2012 ‘Life is beautiful’. Banksy suggested to Thierry that he should do some graffiti work of his own. Gusto became his trademark and on overnight success followed. Profits exceeded over 1 million at his first show
Last auction fetch: ‘Tomato spray’ for USD6250 (Source : http://www.findartinfo.com)

Mr Brainwash | Art-Pie

3. Shepard Fairey: $15 million

Real name: Frank Shepard Fairey – aka Shepard Fairey
Age and residence: 44 year old, Charleston (USA)
First show: or rather what put him on the map – He put together ‘HOPE’ for President Barack Obama‘s campaign for presidency back in 2008. The red and blue poster is now an iconic symbol of the election. (Fairey’s Obama poster now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.)
Latest auction fetch: ‘CHANGE’ for USD2500 (Source : http://www.findartinfo.com)
Latest gold mine enterprise: His ‘Obey’ Andre the Giant images, which became viral online and translated into a clothing line, including t-shirts sold at Urban Outfitters.

Shepard Fairey | Art-Pie

2. Banksy: $20 million

Real name: ?? Most of us will know who this guy is even thought and quite remarkably, this artist continues to work under the radar as a faceless enigma. – aka Banksy
Age and residence: 39 year old we think, Bristol most probably
First show: or rather first known large wall mural was “The Mild Mild West” painted in 1997 to cover advertising of a former solicitors’ office on Stokes Croft Avenue, Bristol. It depicts a teddybear lobbing a Molotov cocktail at three riot police.
Latest auction fetch: ‘GOLF SALE’ for USD6144 (Source : http://www.findartinfo.com)
Latest gold mine enterprise: Banksy has published a number of books on his projects and directed two movies, one of which – “Exit Through the Gift Shop” – was nominated for an Academy Award in 2011.

Mild Mild Mild West by Banksy | Art-Pie
Mild Mild Mild West by Banksy

1. David Choe: $200 million

Real name: David Choe – aka David Choe – real, no bullshit stage name
Age and residence: 37 year old, L.A (USA)
Latest auction fetch: ‘JIMMI’ for USD200 (Source : http://www.findartinfo.com)
Latest gold mine enterprise: Since he was approached back in 2005 by a small social media start-up by the name of Facebook, his life had changed and the bucks started pilling up. The president at the time, Sean Parker, was a fan of the artist and commissioned him for a series of murals for their office headquarters. What Choe delivered was his blend of frenetic style of abstraction, urban landscapes and sexuality. While Parker indicated it took a bit of time to get used to the distraction of the walls, Choe was presented with two options of payment; cash, or stocks. He went for the latter and damn his high-risk venture has paid off…


David Choe | Art-Pie
David Choe painting the Facebook HQ walls

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10 Banksy facts – did you know?

He was behind a famous hoax in 2004, where Photoshopped copies of Paris Hilton’s album were distributed in HMV shops.
Banksy | Art-Pie

The same year, he created and distributed fake £10 notes.
Banksy | Art-Pie

This piece was commissioned by Bono when it was a guest editor at The Independent
Banksy | Art-Pie

He has had 6 exhibitions since 2002. These are Existencilism, 2002, LA. Turf War, 2003, London. Barely Legal, LA, 2006. Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill, 2008, New York. The Cans Festival, 2008 London. Banksy vs Bristol Museum, 2009, Bristol.
Banksy | Art-Pie

The highest ever price for a Banksy work at auction was over £102,000 for his piece “Bombing Middle England”.
Banksy | Art-Pie

He visited New Orleans in August 2008, marking the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. But some of the pieces are now gone. Banksy told Time Out: “In New Orleans I painted on a dilapidated shop in a street littered with abandoned cars and rotting mattresses, then two hours later the piece was gone. It turned out I’d picked the side of a crack house and the proprietor didn’t like the attention.”
Banksy | Art-Pie

He designed the cover of Blur’s Think Tank.
Banksy | Art-Pie

He was nominated for an Oscar for his 2010 documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop.
Banksy | Art-Pie

He illustrated the opening credits to The Simpsons in 2010.
Banksy | Art-Pie

In 2007, a photo purporting to be of Banksy was released.
Banksy | Art-Pie

P183, street artist or Bankski copycat?

P183 is his name and Moscow his playground where he has recently dropped a series of street artworks which some will tell feels very “banksy-ish”. Banksy, British artist, first began his guerilla artwork campaign in Bristol in the early 1990s.

It is hard not to agree when you see some of his works below but one piece particularly caught my eye – Seeing is believing, I actually think it is very clever and is one of the best use of the urban furniture I have seen in recent street art. It uses lamp-post to double as the arm of a giant pair of eyeglasses, with the rest of the ‘frames’ drawn in the snow. Clever

Another piece is worth mentioning too – Instigators Of Bridges. A rioter with a flare has been drawn on a flyover and fire is lit at night giving the piece another realistic dimension.

What do you reckon?

P183 - Seeing is believing
P183 - Seeing Is Believing
P183 - Instigators Of Bridges
P183 - Instigators Of Bridges
P183 - Seasonal
P183 - Seasonal
P183 - Urban Hazard
P183 - Urban Hazard

Four cities at Black Rat Press gallery

In 2007 the global population living in urban environments passed the halfway mark, and that trend is accelerating. As cities become bigger and denser, and within the rigid structures of a mass-market society, truly meaningful personal interactions become increasingly elusive. Read the full preview here.

Artists featured: Swoon, Os Gemeos, Banksy, Shepard Fairey

Where –
Black Rat Projects
When –
20th May – 23rd June 2011 (Preview – 19th May – 6-9pm)

Photos of the opening night below

Shephard Fairey



PS: “Where are the Banksy shots” you may think. Well, I thought the pieces from the three artists above were a lot more worth being photograph than his so I did not snap any but I am sure you have seem them all already anyway.